Off the beaten track

Do you want to discover the more quieter places and get to know the local history better? Several of our venues are located a little off the beaten track and invite you to spend time both at the venue and in the surrounding areas. Welcome inside!

Ballangen Museum

Learn about the diverse geology and mining history of the area, and the community around the mining industry.

Jennestad Trading Post

Time has stood still since the closure of the store in the pier in 1982. Step on and experience a bygone time in the country trade.

Neptune Herring Oil Factory

A piece of northern Norway’s industrial history. The country’s most modern herring oil factory when it was established in 1910. Protected by the National Heritage Board as a technical-industrial cultural monument.

Korsnes Museum

Old communications center; here was a trading post, post office, telegraph and damship call. The buildings dates from the 1700s and 1900s.

Bø Museum

Objects and exhibitions; coastal culture and the author Regine Normann, rorbu and boathouse. Rebus and fairytale forests for children. Sculpture landscape nordland; The man from the sea and the open-air gallery. Museum shop.

Melbo Manor

Melbo went from big farm to small town in a few decades. Chr. Frederiksen had a leading role in a number of enterprises. Very beautiful main farm as well as romantic garden/park facility in the history of an industrial adventure around 1890? 1920s.

Øksnes Museum

Alsvåggården, the farmhouse with 450 years history. Axess; from the Stone Age to high-tech fishing villages at Myre. Post office, trading post/krambu, enjoy your coffee in historic surroundings.

Andøy Museum

Andenes Lighthouse (1859) is one of the first cast-iron towers in the Norway and one of the tallest (40 m). Come to the top! Exhibition with special focus on the harbour and lighthouse at Andenes.

Fygle Museum

Old school building (1898) with complete classroom, teacher’s residence and dental office. Also rorbu from 1834.

Skaftnes Farm

Farm with farmhouse, barn, pier and boathouse. Here you will learn about the fiscarbon, which lived off both the sea and some barren soil.

Kjøpsvik Museum

The unique mining and industrial history, cave finds, fish farming culture and household, war history and school system.

Sørvågen Radio

The first wireless Morse signal in Northern Europe was emitted from the telegraph station in Sørvågen. Theme: technical, social and cultural development resulting from the telegraph’s establishment in Lofoten.