Employee at the Espolin gallery

blomster utenfor galleri espolin
Foto: Kjell Ove Storvik

Are you our new colleague?

We are looking for an art- and culture-interested employee for The Espolin Gallery in Vågan in Lofoten. The position is a two-year temporary position with the possibility of extension. The person we hire will have the main responsibility for creating good audience experiences, running the museum shop and together with skilled colleagues strengthenIng The Espolin Gallery’s activities in the years to come.

If you like people, art and culture, you have a good starting point for the job. Experience from working with art, practical or dissemination, can be an advantage. A background in tourism or retail operations may also be relevant. The working day will offer varied tasks and the opportunity to learn a lot about gallery and museum operations. The Espolin Gallery has a large number of visitors during the summer season, and the work tasks will change somewhat throughout the year. In connection with events, some work must be counted on in the evenings and weekends.

The Espolin Gallery is located near Museum Nord’s other two venues in Storvågan near Kabelvåg; The Lofoten Aquarium and the Lofoten Museum. We collaborate between the three, and all employees will become your new colleagues.

In Storvågan we are entering exciting times. Over the next few years, we will establish SKREI, which will become a large and unique dissemination arena for natural-, art- and cultural history related to the traditional Lofoten fishery. It is in connection with SKREI that we now need to strengthen our staff with a committed and skilled employee.


The duties of the person we hire may also include Museum Nord’s other venues in Vågan.


Personal suitability will be emphasized.

We offer

Questions and more information about the position should be directed to Curator Malin Nyheim Overholt, tel. 901 90 149 or Department Director Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, tel. 416 24 549.

Application deadline

October 16, 2022.

Application with CV should be sent to stilling@museumnord.no marked with Application Employee The Espolin Gallery

Read more about Museum Nord at www.museumnord.no.

About Museum Nord and The Espolin Gallery

The Museum Nord Foundation operates and develops 21 museums in northern Nordland. We collect, manage and disseminate our rich cultural history, and have great ambitions for our museums. Museum Nord has 57 skilled and committed employees and approx. 230,000 visitors per year.

The Espolin Gallery manages and exhibits an unique art collection with several hundred works by the artist Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907–1994). Espolin Johnson has a unique place in northern Norwegian art history as a depictor of everyday life in times gone by. His illustrations for well-known books such as “The Last Viking” and “Fimbul Winter” made him known to a large audience throughout Norway. The gallery is housed in a distinctive building that was designed specifically for the dissemination of Espolin Johnson’s art.

As part of Museum Nord, The Espolin Gallery works to spread knowledge and interest in Espolin Johnson’s art, through exhibitions, dissemination to children and young people, lectures, facilitation of research and other initiatives. In addition to managing a large collection of the artist’s major works, The Espolin Gallery also has a large clip archive, a library and several belongings that belonged to the artist.

In addition to the permanent collection exhibitions, Gallery Espolin also shows art exhibitions with other artists.

Every year, between 10 and 15,000 people visit The Espolin Gallery, located in Storvågan, a short distance from the Lofoten Museum and the Lofoten Aquarium.

If you wish for your application to be exempt from public disclosure, we ask for a reason for this.

Please note that information about the applicant may be made public even if the applicant has requested not to be included on the public list of applicants; Section 25, second paragraph, of the Freedom of Information Act. The applicant will be notified in advance.

We see diversity as a strength of our work and therefore encourage all qualified candidates to apply regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and ethnic background.

Keep in mind that regular email is unsecured and unencrypted. We therefore encourage you not to send your national identity number, confidential or sensitive information by e-mail.