Our Future

Museum Nord is developing its offer through ambitious project work. Projects are often the basis for research activity, collection and dissemination. You can see what projects we are working on now and have already completed on our PROJECT page, or you can browse current and future projects below.

SKREI – National Museum of cod

A new national museum and experience centre


GaiaVesterålen is a research and technology initiative that aims to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable communities.

El. 12

El. 12 – an iron horse from the Ofotbanen.

Living on the edge

Living on the Edge will look at ecological shifts in the North Atlantic over time. The pre-project is funded by the NPA.

PhD project: Basic exhibitions

PhD project: Basic exhibitions – in a squeeze between the authorities’ museum policy guidelines, different user groups and the growth of research.

SKREI Research Center (SRC)

SKREI Research Center (SRC) is a three-year project to create an infrastructure that coordinates international, interdisciplinary research and knowledge on topics related to Arctic cod.


GaiaTalent is a measure against exclusion among young people. We want to connect digital talents in exclusion with the need for digital competence in rural areas.

Museum Nord’s Vision

Museum Nord will be one of Norway’s leading museums, with active participation in relevant national and international networks. Important local, national and international stories which are located in our area will be told to different audiences.