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Lofoten War Memorial Museum

Lofoten War Memorial Museum has Norways larges exhibition of uniforms and smaller objects from WW2. The museum shows you a balanced picture from this dramatic period during 1940–1945. The museum has many rare and never before published pictures from the war. Many of the soldiers that took part in the battle around Narvik came from Lofoten. The invaders were the elite specialforces and best trained soldiers in the world – The German alpinhunters – Gebirgsjäger. Norway gave up summer 1940 and was occupied for five years. The worlds first raid was in Lofoten on March 4 1941. English forces came with seven ships and took more than 200 prisoners and 300 civillians with them back to England.

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Fiskergata 17,
8300 Svolvær


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1 January–28 February: Only open on request
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Closed on Christmas eve

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