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The largest Viking longhouse ever found and excavated in the world of the Vikings. Feel the smell of tar and smoke, study the architecture and arts and crafts. Archaeological exhibition with unique finds. Viking feast (booking required) every evening.



Switchboard: +47 76 15 40 00
Booking: +47 76 08 49 00




Opening Hours

02.01.–31.01. Wednesday and Saturday 10–16
01.02.–30.04. Tuesday–Saturday 10–16
01.05.–14.06. Every day 10–17
15.06.–15.08. Every day 10–19
16.08.–15.09. Every day 10–17
16.09.–31.10. Tuesday–Saturday 10–16
01.11.–22.12. Wednesday and Saturday 10–16

Groups may order visits every day, all year.

Admission Prices

Winter and autumn: 02 January–31 May/01 September–22 December
Adult kr 180,-
Child (6–15 years) kr 140,-
Child under 6 years kr 0,-
Senior/student kr 170,-
Family Ticket (2 adults, 3 children) kr 570,-
Groups (min. 15 people): Contact booking for ticket prices.

Summer: 01 June–31 August
Adult kr 225,-
Child (6–15 years) kr 150,-
Child under 6 years kr 0,-
Senior/student kr 195,-
Family Ticket (2 adults, 3 children) kr 650,-
Groups (min. 15 people): Contact booking for ticket prices

Archaeological Exhibition

Discover the excavation of the longhouse, an evocative film about people and events during the Viking Age, and a collection of unique archaeological finds from Borg and the surrounding areas.

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Viking Style Meals

Take part in a Viking style dinner, lunch or enjoy a nice meal from the museum eateries and cafes.

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Ancient Animals In The Wild

Discover ancient animal species in their natural habitat. Wild boar, wild sheep, Nordland type horses and Nordland type cows enjoying life around the Chieftain’s House.

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In summer, Lofotr Viking Museum has several craftsmen at work in the Chieftain’s House. Meet the wood carver, our textile workers, the shoe- and leatherworker, and learn about their crafts.

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Gifts and souvenirs

The museum shop offers a wide variety of goods.

Elegant historical jewellery, the Viking Age board game Hnefatafl, jigsaw puzzles, wooden swords, shields, and other children’s toys.

T-shirts, woollen hats, mittens, jumpers, scarves, and other textiles. Locally made soaps, creams, herbs, and a few selected foodstuffs such as seasoning and jams – all made with local ingredients. Cookery books, history books, and words of wisdom from the Viking Age. Cups and mugs, replicas from the Viking Age, and modern goods – in our pleasant museum shop you will find a little of everything and hopefully something perfect for yourself.

The museum shop is open during museum opening hours and can be accessed without a ticket. Welcome inside!

In Skjeltersjåen café by the Vikingship harbour, various Viking style dishes, hot and cold drinks. Open during summer.  

Museum café
Meals prepared with the ingredients available to the Vikings, with a modern twist to it. Hot and cold drinks, waffles and icecream are on the menu, too. Open during summer.  

 Food and drinks are always served in accordance to authorities rules and regulation.  

You can choose between 6 different languages (Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian). Using your phone does not involve any extra cost. Our audio guide system is Wi-Fi based and you will be using our network. If you do not have a smart phone, we can lend you the necessary equipment. 

How much time should I spend? Events and activities at the museum vary throughout the year. In summer there are many additional activities you can take part in. Here are a few tips regarding how much time you might want to spend: 

Permanent exhibitions and the Chieftain’s House: allow about one and a half hours. You can manage with less, but with 90 minutes you will have time to listen to the exhibitions, watch the film and study the interior embellishments and architecture in the Chieftain’s House. 

Activities and the Viking ship moorings: An additional 1–2 hours. Would you like to see the Viking ship and the Viking ship moorings and join in some activities? It is about a 1400 metre along walk gravelled pathways from the Chieftain’s House to the activity area. Allow 20 minutes each way. Sailing or rowing takes about 30 minutes (and you may have to wait your turn). Activities are led by our Vikings. Allow some time for waiting in addition to a few minutes for each activity. 

Meals also take time. 

The Viking Festival take place in August every year. Then there is lots going on and you should spend several hours at the museum. 

Smart telephones: Bring along your smart telephone and earphones. You will need your smart phone at the permanent exhibitions (archaeological specimens and the story of the discovery of the world’s biggest Viking Age longhouse) and when watching the film entitled “The Dream of Borg”. With the help of your phone and our audio guide system, you will be ushered through the exhibitions. 

Season: Activities and events at the museum vary throughout the year. In summer there are a lot more artisans/demonstrations and activities to take part in for those who wish to do so. In winter, the pathways will be to some extent cleared of snow, but the Viking ships will be inside locked boathouses, so we recommend that you concentrate on the permanent exhibitions and the Chieftain’s House. 

Weather conditions in Lofoten are variable, this also applies to the summer. Our grounds are spacious and extensive and pleasant to walk around. Wear wind and waterproof clothing if needs be.  

Accessibility: The pathways are gravelled and suitable for pushing prams. Wheelchair users are allowed to drive through some of the area. Please contact our staff upon arrival for help and guidance. 

It is about a 1400 metre along walk gravelled pathways from the Chieftain’s House to the activity area. Allow 20 minutes each way. Sailing or rowing takes about 30 minutes (and you may have to wait your turn). Activities are led by our Vikings. Allow some time for waiting in addition to a few minutes for each activity. Allow some time to have a look inside the smithy if it is open.  

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