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Øksnes Museum

Visit the beautiful Alsvåggården, with over 450 years of history.

Hear the story of the trading place, the people and the buildings. Join a guided tour, or enjoy a cup of coffee in the historic surroundings of the living room or the garden. Visit the shop and post office from the latter half of the 19th century.

This year’s summer exhibition presents the history of the workers’ movement in Vesterålen. Through video games, films, objects, images and text, the exhibition displays working life in Vesterålen and in Øksnes. The history stretches from the 20th century to present day. The exhibition is designed specifically for adolescents and young adults. It is subtitled in Norwegian and English.

For the little ones, we’re arranging “The Excavators”, an archaeological activity where the children dig up bones and get to wonder and learn about animals and nature (recommended age 5-12 years).



Øksnes Museum,
8432 Alsvåg


+47 404 48 202 /+47 76 15 40 00



Opening Hours
28 June–7 August
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm
Outside of the summer season, we are open on request.
Admission Prices

Entrance fee adult NOK 50
Group NOK 40 per person (min. 10 persons)
Entrance and tour NOK 100

The excavators NOK 50 per adult (included in entry price)

Free entry for children under 16 years old if accompanied by an adult.

Our Struggle

Our struggle – the history of the Labor Movement in Vesterålen.

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Rock art and landscapes

The exhibition tek is produced by the Arctic University Museum of Norway from Noreg, Sweden, Finland and Northwest Russia.

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The excavators

Join a fun and educational archaeological activity for kids! Dig up real animal bones and learn about animals and nature at Øksnes Museum this summer.

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Øksnes Museum has a small museum shop.

A simple café is open during the summer season.

A tour is offered during opening hours, outside of opening hours it’s possible to book a guide. Contact us by e-mail.

The Excavators can be arranged any day during opening hours, as long as we have the available capacity.

To be sure that you get to partake in the activity on the day of your visit, don’t hesitate to contact us with your desired date and time through telephone or e-mail.

Current Vacancies

summer job at Øksnes Museum in alsvåg

We are looking for summer employees to Øksnes Museum and Alsvåggården who can work from around 15 June to 8 August.

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