“we must recognize that without an eye for the future, heritage, as a concept, would have no meaning” quote from the CONVIVIUM application text

The Horizon Europe project CONVIVIUM promotes sustainability and positive social change through food culture.

By viewing food cultures as “living cultural heritage,” CONVIVIUM aims to reflect societal changes and contribute to the local. The project activates creative and transformative forces to ensure sustainability and positive societal change through food cultural heritage. It offers sustainable, culture-based solutions for different target groups, including support for farmers, cultural events, new organisational models and digital tools to strengthen food heritage in museums and historical sites.


Time: start-up planned in October 2024, until October 2027

Where is this happening with us: Lofoten

Funding for Museum Nord: 332 000€ (3.5 million EURO total budget)

Partners: 15 partners from 7 European countries

Proud of the food culture

The Horizon Europe project CONVIVIUM addresses sustainable food and food culture in Lofoten.

EU projects

Museum Nord has several EU projects in our portfolio.