Gaia Vesterålen

Gaia Vesterålen is an environmental and history project where innovation, research and technological development play key roles. Nordland Research and Sintef Digital are research partners in the project. The project starts in 2021.

Central to the project is the development of a new experience. A container museum will be built in Sortland, where a model of Vesterålen will be made with the help of very advanced technology.
This will result in an experience-based export product. The project aims to demonstrate the connection and future dependence between environmental sustainability and socio-economic utility.
The project will give new life to discarded containers and create a museum that houses the model of Vesterålen.
The model shows how Vesterålen has developed, from the creation of archaic bedrock 2500 million years ago to recent infrastructure and settlement patterns. The model will also show the climate and environmental development, and monitor the participants’ actions joining the climate manifesto.