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GaiaTalent is a measure against exclusion among young people.

Exclusion is one of the biggest challenges in society? nationally and regionally. Never before have so many people in the 19?29 age group been out of work and education as today. In Nordland alone, as many as 7,000 young people are excluded, outside work and education.

We want to do something about this through Gaia Talent. We want to connect digital talents in exclusion with the need for digital competence in rural areas.

The Government highlights Gaia Talent in its coastal strategy. Gaia Talent is referred to as one of the solutions to the recruitment challenges in rural Norway.

What exactly is GaiaTalent?

Digitally self-taught people in the outside world. Young people with self-taught digital expertise in everything from interactive design, 3D modeling and animation to game development, AR&VR and film production.

We’re looking for digital talent, is it you we’re looking for?

Do you need digital competence in your company or organization?

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