Gaia Vesterålen

Because the world

is changing.

Gaia Vesterålen is a research and technology initiative aimed at creating more environmentally friendly and sustainable local communities.

What is gaia vesterålen?

GAIA Vesterålen is a research and innovation initiative aimed at creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly local communities. The initiative stems from an urgent need to respond to children’s expressed concerns about the future; both their own and the Earth’s future. The starting point is nature and the relationships we have with one another, in the past, present, and future.

Gaia means ‘earth’ in Greek, and it is based on this that we have chosen our name. Not only are children and youth the primary target audience for our activities, but they are also key contributors and participants in co-creation processes in all parts of the initiative.

GAIA Vesterålen is an ecosystem of partners consisting of over 100 direct partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally.

“Generations have come before you, many will follow. What legacy do you want to leave during your watch?”

– GAIA Vesterålen

The projects in Gaiavesterålen

Central to GAIA Vesterålen is research collaboration, efforts against social exclusion, and a focus on environment and sustainability.

The initiative encompasses several different projects, including the research project GAIA Vesterålen IPN through the Norwegian Research Council, GAIA Talent addressing social exclusion among the youth, the climate adaptation project RESIST under the Horizon Europe program, as well as the EU-funded research project Circular Boost, which focuses on circular construction processes and the reuse of concrete

  • Need for green transition
  • Need for digital innovation
  • Need for co-creation arenas for children and youth
  • Need for measures against youth exclusion
  • Need for attractive local communities
  • Need for measures against depopulation in the north.

We have always lived off and with nature, and we must ensure that we can continue to do so in the future. Because the world is changing.

We aim to address this by building the local community’s ecosystem.

Jente lener seg over kart.

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GAIA Talent is a measure against exclusion among young people. Exclusion is one of the greatest challenges in society – nationally and regionally.