SKREI – National Museum of cod

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A new national museum of cod

No industry has left such a deep mark in our culture over as many centuries as the Lofoten Fisheries. Arctic Cod departs from the Barents Sea and spawns from the Møre coast to Finnmark and the Vestfjord between Lofoten and the mainland. Fishing has traditionally taken place in all these areas, but the Lofoten Fisheries has taken a unique position with the highest number of participants and the largest catches. That is why we consider it a phenomenon of national importance, culturally and economically. Stockfish has represented the bulk of Norwegian export value for a period of over 500 years. Some say, cod fish has built Norway.

The dissemination of what fishing for Arctic cod (Norwegian skrei) has meant, means and will mean for Norway is a task of national importance. 

In order to realize this task, Museum Nord and Vågan municipality have taken the initiative to establish a national centre for the Lofoten Fisheries to raise the importance of cod for Norway in the past, present and future.

The plan includes a high-quality knowledge center that will convey various perspectives on the topic, from natural sciences, art and cultural history subjects. The center will make visible the connection between man and this fantastic renewable resource.
SKREI will show the deep impact these fisheries have left in our culture and our way of life. At the same time we look ahead and stimulate reflection on the future of the cod fisheries and the fishing industry in general. The dissemination will be closely linked to current research in the relevant subject areas.

SKREI is coming

We have been working on our plans for SKREI for the last 15 years. We have the support from local, regional and national authorities. In 2021 we received the final go-ahead from the government to start building SKREI.

The center will contain a large basic exhibition with emphasis on the fish and the people in the past and present, as well as projections of possible future scenarios.
It will also contain large parts of Museum Nord’s collections. We will actively use this new magazine as a knowledge bank in the center.
In addition, the center will function as a hub for the existing facilities that Museum Nord operates: Lofoten Aquarium, The Espolin Gallery and the Lofoten Museum. These will be further developed in consideration with the SKREI concept and the cultural landscape around them.

Total budget: NOK 371.4 million
Financed: NOK 162 million (National Budget) + NOK 58.5 million (Vågan, NFK, private sponsorship) + loan NOK 110 million


When one tells the story of Norway, the cod and stockfish trade is a very central part of the overall picture. SKREI takes responsibility for communicating and researching this important piece of history. We are building a museum with national relevance, which is an important thematic contribution to the national Norwegian museum landscape.
SKREI is the only interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral organisation that conveys the story of Arctic Cod – and it is an important northern Norwegian voice in a current dialogue.
The SKREI center is being built “on site” where the cradle for the commercial Lofoten Fisheries trade started. Just below the ground are unique archaeological finds that are important for the story. The concept behind SKREI is holistic and location-dependent. It is specially designed to integrate existing tourist offerings with a new center.

SKREI should be … 

Latest News

SKREI’s exhibition group on tour

SKREI’s exhibition group visited the capital last week to find inspiration for the exhibition production in Otolith.

Agreement on SKREI centre signed

Museum Nord and LPO Arkitekter have entered into an agreement for the design of the SKREI centre outside Kabelvåg in Lofoten. Thus, the work on the national centre for cod fishing is a big step closer to the planned opening in 2026.

million gift to SKREI

On Wednesday 28 September, Bent Eriksen handed over a gift of millions to the SKREI project and Museum Nord by director Geir Are Johansen.

Project Manager for SKREI

Museum Nord is pleased to announce that Jens-Henrik Andersen will be project manager for SKREI – a historical focus on the story of the cod.

Millon Kroner Donation for SKREI

Million gift for SKREI from SpareBank1 Nord-Norge.

Start-up meeting SKREI

In the autumn of 2021 SKREI received funding in the national budget and public funding was in place. On Friday 21 January, the first official working meeting was held in Kabelvåg.


Portrait of a man

Jens-Henrik Andersen

Project manager