Region: Vesteralen

Huinndagan – Family Saturday

On the weekend of 19.-20., Huinndagan will take place in the museum area of Øksnes Museum! On this occasion, we arrange a family day for everyone during the day on Saturday.

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Object of the Week 2024

Object of the Week 2024: Object of the Week 2024 is a collaborative project between several museums in Nordland where we display objects from the collections every week in 2024

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Volunteering at the Hurtigruten Museum

We are very lucky to have so many great volunteers helping us at the Hurtigruten Museum! Meet Eivind, our newest volunteer

Hurtigruten Museum

A monument to Norway’s Transport history: Visit the bridge, engine room and cabins on the Finnmarken express route (1956) in its iconic barley. Feel the atmosphere in the lounges from the steamship Finmarken (1912). Activities for children and families. Hurtigruta’s importance is told in modern exhibitions. Food and drinks are served in the dining room anno 1956. Welcome aboard!

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Summer museums 2021

Museum summer! From Andenes to Å and inwards towards Narvik you will find us and the good stories. Welcome!

Lectures at Bø Museum

Welcome to a lecture with Lill-Karin Elvestad, journalist and author from Troms. She tells about the restoration work she is doing at Elvestad farm in Malangen: GAMMELSTUA – IS THERE […]

About Ǫmð and northernmost Hálogaland

The name Ǫmð has been associated with areas in the far north of Nordland, and parts of Troms. Archaeologist and Professor Reidar Bertelsen explains his theory of a more detailed location and explanation of the name.


Head to Sommer-Melbu 1st to 10th July and take part in activities, lectures and cultural events.

The excavators

Join a fun and educational archaeological activity for kids! Dig up real animal bones and learn about animals and nature at Øksnes Museum this summer.

War Sailors // a travelling exhibition at Sortland Museum

Experience Krigsseilere // a travelling exhibition outside Kulturfabrikken and Sortland Museum from 31 August to 22 September.

Night at the Factory

Welcome to an eerie and fun evening at Kulturfabrikken – on Halloween itself! 👻There will be dress-up and activities for children of all ages.

Family Day at the Hurtigruten Museum

Storytelling time, music and activities for children. Family tickets.

Family Day and Christmas Dinner

Storytelling time, concert with the cultural school and Christmas food in the café.

Grind weaving course

Course in grind weaving at Melbo school with Tone Elvebakk. 

Visit the Hurtigruten Museum during the winter holidays

Welcome to a winter holiday filled with many exciting activities. Bring your family to visit!

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Revision of preservation plan for private archives

This week there has been a working meeting in connection with the revision of the conservation plan for private archives in Nordland.

Hurtigruten 130th anniversary

The 130th anniversary is just around the corner: – Hope as many as possible will celebrate with us!

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Course in object photography for the Collection Network in Nordland

Museum Nord has this week arranged courses at Melbu in object photography for the collection network in Nordland.

The final restingplace of the unborn

A box found under the church floor boards in Øksnes Church on Skogsøya. The final restingplace of the unborn

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Gaiadrøv: The Sheep’s Turn to Shine

The collaboration that unites museums, the media production industry, the agricultural industry and large R&D communities has been named GaiaDrøv. GaiaDrøv is a dissemination concept and a traveling exhibition about the importance of sheep in Arctic regions, focusing on Vesterålen and Northern Norway.

Sailor’s cap

The simple, but beautiful sailor’s cap made from wadmol. Used by a sailor from 1977 to 1981 as a sailor on board MS Ragnvald Jarl .

SS Finmarken’s two ship’s bells

Why did the SS Finmarken keep two ship’s bells? The bells are used to mark arrivals and departures, and can be used in emergency situations.

Hand-painted playing cards

Do you like playing cards? In the collection at Melbo Manor we have a deck of playing cards from the 1790s. The cards are hand-painted with the help of stencils.

Lofoten coffin

The white gold of the sea is still important. The fisherman must have that little extra, a sixth sense, about the weather and about the nature of the fish.

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New Home Page

Welcome to Museum Nord’s new website.

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lectures at bø museum

Welcome to a lecture with Lill-Karin Elvestad, journalist and author from Troms 29 September at 18.00.

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Living on the Edge pre-project

The pre-project Living on the Edge is coming to an end. If you are a cultural institution or institute of marine research and are interested in a full project – feel free to contact us!

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Activities for children

Our museums have various offers and activities for children and families with children this summer. Here are some tips for you who are with the family on vacation.

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NOK 1 million to GaiaTalent

The County Council for Education and Competence in Nordland, Elin Dahlseng Eide, grants the entire application of over NOK 1 million to GaiaTalent!

The skipper family Bruun on Børøya

Welcome to a lecture with Åsa Elstad about the Bruun skipper family on Børøya and the treasures they left behind.

Sami Place Names – Lecture with Johan Borgos

Lecture with Johan Borgos about Sami place names in the region, and their significance for Sami identity.

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The boaters in Jørnfjorden

Visit Bø Museum and experience the exhibition Båtfolket in Jørnfjorden.

Lucia Day at the Hurtigruten Museum

On Tuesday 13 December we celebrate Lucia Day here at the Hurtigruten Museum with candlelight and singing children at 12:30

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GaiaVesterålen in Portugal

GaiaVesterålen starts the year with a kick-off at the RESIST project in Portugal.

Visit the Hurtigruten Museum during the winter holidays

Welcome to a winter holiday filled with many exciting activities. Bring your family to visit!

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Allocation to technical and industrial heritage sites

The County Council has allocated NOK 2 750 000 to technical and industrial cultural monuments and sites in Nordland. The grant goes to Neptun Herring Oil Factory and Fagerli’s old power station.

Historical Walking Tour of Andenes

A guide will take you on a walk through the old part of the town.

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Joint meeting of the museums in Nordland

From 21 to 22 September, Helgeland Museum, Nordland Museum and Museum Nord gathered for the annual joint meeting of the museums in Nordland. New this year is that the Árran Julevsáme guovdásj/Lule Sami Center, the Norwegian Aviation Museum and the Narvik Centre also participated.

Tiny Doll in bed

Perhaps the oldest toy in our collection. A doll mother and her baby

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Mapping of archives at Øksnes

This week, representatives of the National Archives and Museum Nord are gathered at Øksnes Museum to map archives.

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Registration session at Andøy Museum

The last registration session of the year for our collection management group was held at the Andøy Museum.

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New manager of Lofotr Næringsdrift AS

We have the pleasure of welcoming Rørvik Wilhelmsson to the team as the new CEO of Lofotr Næringsdrift AS.

Museum Nord 20th anniversary: Stor-Johan Arnt and Andrea

Join us in a celebration! We invite you to a playful and bouncy theater happening for all ages under the direction of performing artists Gina Lindås Theodorsen and Sebastian Warholm. Free entrance and coffee/cake.

Øksnes Museum

Visit Øksnes Museum, take a tour through the beautiful farmhouse Alsvåggården and enjoy a coffee in historic surroundings.

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The new Hurtigruten Museum

The new Hurtigruten Museum is our most relevant project. The museum opened on 28 August 2021.

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Our Struggle conference in Sortland

Our Struggle conference gathered almost 400 young people in the old cinema at Sortland.

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1000 stories

Immerse yourself in stories small and large from our museums, ranging from boat graves from the Viking Age to the construction of the Ofotbanen railway, and potato setting.

First prototype for GaiaVesterålen

Visit the first prototype to GaiaVesterålen at Øksnes museum in the summer of 2023.

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War sailors // a traveling exhibition

War sailors // a traveling exhibition visits Narvik and Sortland in August and September. We meet eight people who were children and young people when the war turned them into war sailors.

Open Weekend at Melbo Manor

Open museum and activities for children both days.

SILENT FILM in historic surroundings

Come and see the silent film PAN in Melbu community centre. Light refreshments and music at Melbo Manor.

Uniform telegraph operator

Black uniform jacket and trousers for telegraph operator. The uniform is part of the collection of the Hurtigruten Museum.

History workshop with GaiaVesterålen in Øksnes

Join us in influencing what will be shown on the large model of Vesterålen, in a workshop at Øksnes Museum!

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New strategy coming

Museum Nord’s current strategic plan is coming to an end, and we are in the process of working on a new strategic plan.

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Melbo Manor receives funding from the Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture

Melbo Manor has been awarded NOK 50,000. from the Directorate of Agriculture for the 2023 season.

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Jennestad Trading Post opens for the summer

Now you can visit the old pier at Jennestad where there are lots of old whimsical goods exhibited from the trading post’s heyday.

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Autumn holiday 2023 at the museums

Are you looking for fun activities for families during the autumn holidays? Look here!

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Staff gathering 2023

Museum Nord’s staff gathering 2023 took place at Stokmarknes from 18 to 19 October.

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Advent activities at the museums

Get into the Christmas spirit with the museums! Here you will find an overview of large and small activities over the next few weeks.

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Open museums at Christmas

Open museums at Christmas – Christmas Eve is approaching and afterwards comes the Christmas period. Several of our museums are open a few days before Christmas and during the Christmas period!

The company’s photo album

A little treasure from VDS’s humble beginnings. The album contains portraits of employees of the shipping company.

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Craftsmen’s seminar

Craftsmen in Museum Nord gathered this week for a seminar at the Neptun Herring Oil Factory.