Europe’s biggest museum piece?

Hurtigruten Museum

Melbu • Vesterålen

8th June 1956: the ship left Bergen heading north on its maiden voyage. The ship has a lovely interior full of woodwork of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Its architects gave the ship a timeless façade.

20th December 1993: the ship was taken out of service. The Hurtigruten Museum took the ship into its collection in the summer of 1994. When the museum opened on 2 July 1999 the ship had only recently been hoisted onto the docks alongside the Hurtigruten House. The ship had been docked for more than 5 years, but it was still able to make it to Stokmarknes on its own. Captain Sten Magne Engen was at the helm.

MS Finnmarken would thus remain for the enjoyment and education of future generations as a unique project where an operative ship is preserved in its entirety. The ship will remain a part of the museum’s collection representing the last of the classic Hurtigruten design.

Welcome on board!

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