SKREI: The otolith

The Otholit

The magnificent building will be what greets you upon arrival at Storvågan and the experiences here. SKREI consists of the Lofoten Museum, Gallery Espolin, the Lofoten Aquarium and the newly built Otolith. Together, these places tell the story of the Lofoten fishery – seen from different perspectives. You will meet the history, present and future of the Lofoten fishery through exhibitions, art, cultural history buildings and objects, and get to see life under water.

The Otolith will be 5000 m2. Here you will meet history through the large main exhibition. It has an emphasis on the fish and the people, both past and present. In the grand story of the Lofoten fishery, it is also natural to include the sea, ecology, biology, art and culture. There will also be projections of possible future scenarios. SKREI gives you knowledge about the past and future and the opportunity to reflect on what you learn.

Permanent and changing exhibitions, café and magazine

The otolith, which SKREI’s new building (project stage 1) will also provide areas for changing exhibitions and events, contain Museum Nord’s relevant collections (archive/magazine) as part of the centre’s knowledge base, offices and public offerings such as a café.

Foyer, Otolitten.
Foyer, café and exhibitions inside the Otholit. Illustration: LPO arkitekter.
Award-winning architect

The otolith was designed by LPO architects, who won the architectural competition together with Asplan Viak and Expology AB. The agreement between Museum Nord and LPO was signed in December 2022. The otolith is inspired by the cod’s ear stone – the otolith, both in form and function.

SKREI consists of the otolith, the Lofoten Aquarium, Gallery espolin, the Lofoten Museum and the area’s cultural heritage

As a guest you can visit the whole of SKREI – or just Otolitten if you want. The otolith will interact with the existing facilities operated by Museum Nord: the Lofoten Aquarium, Gallery Espolin and the Lofoten Museum. These will be further developed (stage 2 of the SKREI project) in interaction with the cultural landscape that surrounds them. The sum of the Otolith, Lofoten Museum, Gallery Espolin and the Lofoten Aquarium will provide visitors with knowledge and experiences from different perspectives. This is SKREI.

Vågakallen og SKREI
The Otholit is beautifully located, sitting between Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium, Art Gallery Espolin, facing the mountain Vågakallen. Illustration: LPO arkitekter