Cetus the sea monster, Mira and BDS

The shipping companies running the coastal express have all had their naming traditions
Bergenske Dampskibsselskab chose to look towards the stars.They had ships, such as SS Capella, SS Nordstjernen (north star)og MS Polarlys (polar light)
Pictured here, we see SS Mira, buildt in 1891. Mira has her name from a star in the constellation Cetus in the northeren hemisphere. The star makes out the neck of the creature Cetus
Cetus was a seamonster in greek mythology, sent by the seagod Poseidon to devour the beautiful queen of Etiopia, Cassiopeia, for having boasted of being more beautifull than his daugthers, the water nymphs
Mira comes from the latin, meaning the wonderfull, the astonishing. The star is easiest to see in the autumn
The coastalø steamer Mira was originally buildt for the England route for Newcastle, and since the ship was planned for tourists they made sure to make the interior extra luxurious
In other words, an extra wonderfull ship with an extra wonderfull name!