Christmas story from the Ofotbanen Railway

A Christmas story from the Ofotbanen railway

“The eastern wind broke between the mountain mounds at Bjørnfjell. The thermometer showed 25 degrees below zero. It wasn’t for people outdoors. Johan, my “flisgutt”, and I had returned from a short trip to Rombaksbotn.”

Per Fridheim

This is how a Christmas story from Per Fridheim begins. It is Christmas 1901 and the railway on the Ofotbanen railway will be completed in one year. They are two men in a cold stone barracks at Søsterbekk, a few miles below the merchant Edvard M. Hagfoss’s Fjeldstue. There is no indication that this will be a pleasant Christmas. But then there is a knock at the door.

Svarthvitt historisk foto av Hagfors fjellstue. Folk og hester og varer i forgrunnen.
Foto: E. M. Hagfors fjellstue. Narvik Kommunale Fotosamling / Museum Nord

They are invited to a party at the “fjellstue” lodge that Christmas evening, and go out into the wind and darkness. When they are arriving at the lodge there is good company, food and drink. Music and dance too. However, there will be some drama on Christmas Eve in 1901, when a Finn and two Swedes arrive at the lodge.

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On 15 November 1902, the Norwegian Ofotbanen railway was connected to the Swedish Malmbanan on the National Border. The following summer there was a tablecloth for a feast dinner and a royal visit.

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