Ski train

Where are you going? Søsterbekk, Haugfjell, Pettersenfyllinga, Grusgropa? The ski train or skier train had its heyday in the 1930s, 50s, 60s and 1970s with fully loaded trains up to and down from Bjørnfjell.

Even the east wind at Bjørnfjell was no obstacle for the ski tourists. When the E10 was completed in 1984, ski tourists began transporting themselves by car up to the mountain, thus disappearing the market base of the ski train.

The ski train at km 36.0 Gamle Søsterbekk at Easter 1938. Lok EL 4 no. 2045 with carriages from NSB and SJ.
The ski train in front of Dagestad’s freezer on Bjørnfjell, around 1935–1940.
The ski train in track two at Narvik station. One of the ski carriages used to be marked «Old Bjørnfjell» and «km.37». Seven Narvik men in the picture, i.a. Hagen Rasmussen, Otto Arnholdt and Henry Jonsen, on a trip to Sjangeli.
Narvik station in the 1970s.
The ski train from Bjørnfjell has stopped at the Haugfjell stop on the stretch between Bjørnfjell and Katterat stations, in 1972. The ski train is pulled by El. 15.
The ski train and ski tourists at Bjørnfjell station.
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