The last classic Hurtigruten ship

MS Finnmarken – the last classic hurtigruten ship. Learn more about the ship and its journey in this story.

MS Finnmarken 1956 is built on Blohm & Voss A.G. Hamburg. The main engine was a 10-cylinder MAN of 2960 bhp which gave 16.6 knots. The hull length is 266 feet and has a brt of 2189. MS Finnmarken had a certificate to sail with 425 passengers in so-called small coastal shipping, and 585 passengers on shorter routes in inland shipping.
The decor otherwise followed the usual structure, with first place midships and second place aft.
After 37 years in service, the ship was taken out of service in December 1993. After more than five years in storage, the ship was lifted ashore and placed close to Hurtigruten’s House, in time for the opening of the Hurtigruten Museum on 2 July 1999.

The art on board

The architect Wenche Nyquist Kraugerud has been responsible for the interior decoration of salons and vestibyls on this ship. The artistic decoration is performed substantially by Northern Norwegian artists. There is a lot of wood in the ship, including mahogany, oak, oregon pine, teak and elm. The café is performed in Paroba Rosè. 1st grade smoking salon is performed in nutwood at half height and the rest in straw wallpaper. The furniture is covered with Norwegian fabrics. The 1st place smoking salon and staircase are adorned with a 2×1 meter stone mosaic image, “Three Mermaids”, by Solveig Wiik. On board you will also find paintings such as “Summer Night on the Quay in Tromsø” by Atle Urdal, “Midnight Sun” by Herman Bendixen, and “Finnmarksvidda by riverboat, gutters and patches” and “Early Summer” by Jardar Lunde.

Documentation of the transport of parts of the old DS Finmarken. Produced by Holmenkollen Filmteam for the Hurtigruten Museum. Recorded 2003:

Visit the Hurtigruten Museum

And behold the last classic hurtigruten ship at Stokmarknes.

Hurtigruten Museum

A monument to Norway’s Transport history: Visit the bridge, engine room and cabins on the Finnmarken express route (1956) in its iconic barley. Feel the atmosphere in the lounges from the steamship Finmarken (1912). Activities for children and families. Hurtigruta’s importance is told in modern exhibitions. Food and drinks are served in the dining room anno 1956. Welcome aboard!