To ‘broth’ the yarn

What do these two images have to do with one another?

Not much, to be honest
One image is of balls of cotton yarn in different colors
The other is of cod fish heads, lying in a pile on the docks somewhere. There can’t possibly be a connection.
Or can there?
In older times, if you had some thin cotton yarn, and you needed for it to become stronger, you could ‘broth’ the yearn. That meant boiling cod fish heads and then lowering the yarn into the broth. By doing this the fibers of the cotton could extract the glue-like substance from the fish. This made the yarn stronger and less prone to breakage.
So now you know what to do the next time you are knitting, and the yarn rips!


Elstad, Åsa. Trådar frå fortida Nordnorske klesplagg og handarbeid i tekstil. Museumsforlaget. 2023

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