Were you deceived by Loki, the god of fire and trickery?

Loki, god of mischief

Loki did not start out as the god of mischief, in the beginning, Loki was the god of fire and mischief. Humans of Midgard believed that he was necessary for the wellbeing of mankind. As he was the opposite of Thor, who was always busy and earnest. Loki made fun of everything and it was important to people to have some humor and times for relaxing, that is what Loki represented. But it was this path of mischief that led him astray, and he eventually lost all love for goodness and became the trickster god many are familiar with today.
Loki was for many long years an advisor to the gods, and his advice often lead the gods astray, and to paths of ruin. However, sometimes Loki’s advice was good, and truly helped the gods with problematic situations. The problematic situation was also often first caused by Loki. Loki represents how, evil, is in a way seductive and beautiful as it parades through the world. Because of how evil is so deceptive in its appearance the gods trusted Loki at first and treated him like one of themselves. This would later be a great mistake.
As Loki’s love and kindness faded, he married in secret the Jotun witch, Angur-boda, who bore him three monstrous children. The great wolf, Fenrir, the great serpent, Iörmungandr, and the goddess of death, Hel. Loki hid these children for as long as he could, but they were found by the gods. The gods tried to deal with the children in the wisdom of Odin. By throwing Hel to Helheim, where she would rule over the land of the dead. Throwing Iörmungandr into the ocean, but unfortunately for the gods, the serpent grew there to immense proportions, and encircled the world. The last child, Fenrir the great wolf, they brought back to Asgard to raise it amongst themselves, however the wolf grew in strength and size every day, till the point the gods feared it. So, the gods bound it with magical chains made by the dwarfs. These three children of Loki are the bringers of Ragnarök, the end times. Loki, who was there in the beginning to breath will into mankind, is also the god to cause its destruction.


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