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Kven Panel discussion in Narvik

On Saturday 16 March, Kven People’s Day, a panel discussion was arranged at Narvik Library between this year’s VU artist, Åsne Kummeneje Mellem, local historian Geir Horrigmoe, and department director of Museum Nord’s Ofoten department, Jon Framnes.

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Train party in Narvik

On Wednesday 28 February we were invited to Togfest at Narvik Museum. Over 70 young and old visited the museum during the day!

Ord i spor- Kven People’s Day

Vinterfestuka and Ord i Spor: Join us in marking Kven People’s Day, and learn more about Kven history and culture

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Cozy family event in Narvik

On Thursday 7 February, a cozy family event was held at Narvik Museum, with bonfires, coffee and hot juice, as well as fruit and gáhkku.

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Art gift from Australia

Narvik Museum has received a fantastic art gift all the way from Australia! The gift is a work by the local artist Trygve Thorsen from 1941.

Christmas workshop at Narvik Museum

Christmas workshop for the whole family at Narvik Museum! Bring kids, parents, grandparents and friends to make nice Christmas decorations!

Autumn holiday at Narvik Museum

Welcome to autumn holiday 2024 at Narvik Museum. The museum will be open all week for 10AM-5PM, with activities for families.

Museum Nord 20th Anniversary: Garden party at Narvik Museum

In connection with Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary and the Cultural Heritage Days, we invite you to Garden Party 2024 at Narvik Museum. Program coming

Polar night magic – Student day at Narvik Museum

Polar night magic – Student day at Narvik Museum: Narvik Museum is open with free entrance for students in Narvik!

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Launch of the Yearbook for Narvik 2023

On Monday, Ofoten genealogy and history team launched the Yearbook for Narvik 2023 at Narvik Museum.

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Art workshop for children

Monday and Tuesday this week, Narvik Museum has held an art workshop for children in collaboration with artist Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Two classes from Narvik Montesorri School have been able to visit Bjørg-Elise’s art exhibition that is currently on display at the museum, learn a little about the techniques the artist himself uses, and then try out the technique themselves.

“Come Dance with Me!” Book launch of the history of dance in Narvik

After many years of working with documentation and photos, Fiona Jane Ellingsen has finally had the book “Come dance with me!” printed for sale. The book will be launched at […]

International Museum Day at Narvik Museum

Celebrate International Museum Day on May 16th with Narvik Museum with half price on all entrance tickets and extended opening hours.