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Ticket Hurtigruten Museum

Ticket to the Hurtigruten Museum

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Group Tickets Hurtigruten Museum

Group ticket for 10 or more people

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War sailor exhibition at the Hurtigruten Museum

Krigsseilere // a traveling exhibition has been on tour in Vesterålen in recent weeks and now has the last stop at the Hurtigruten Museum until June 4th.


Deck stool from Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab

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The tragedy at Folda

In 1962, the worst shipwreck in the history of the coastal route occurred in peacetime. We remember MS Sanct Svithun

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Autumn holiday 2023 at the museums

Are you looking for fun activities for families during the autumn holidays? Look here!

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The baby in the ladies’ lounge

Read the heartwarming story of the time women all along the coast came together to get a baby safely to their new life in Trondheim

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Registration session at Sørvågen Radio

At the end of August, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Sørvågen Radio – a telecommunications museum.

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A Royal coastal steamer

Many Hurtigruten ships have had royal names, but some ships have been more royal than others.

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The Museums of the Norwegian Coastal Administration publishes a book about breakwaters

The Museums of the Norwegian Coastal Administration publishes a book about breakwaters. The book “Molo” takes the reader on a journey along the entire Norwegian coast.

The Museums of the Norwegian Coastal Administration

The Museums of the Norwegian Coastal Administration is the agency museum of the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Museum Nord represents Region Nordland.

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The Norwegian Coastal Administration Museum’s summer cruise 2023

Throughout the month of June, the Norwegian Coastal Administration Museum has carried out this year’s summer cruise with the museum ship MS Gamle Oksøy. The cruise has sailed along almost the entire Norwegian coast from Kristiansand to Gamvik, and back to Kristiansand, where Gamle Oksøy has its home port. 

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Travel letter from “Peer Gynt”

The former merchant boat “Peer Gynt” is on its way up the Nordland coast, and will stop by both Korsnes and Narvik.

Hurtigruten 130th anniversary

The 130th anniversary is just around the corner: – Hope as many as possible will celebrate with us!

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SS Prinsesse Ragnhild, Norwegians and Germans in the same boat

SS Prinsesse Ragnhild became the first ship in ordinary Hurtigruten shipping to be wrecked during World War II

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William receives award

William Hakvaag receives an award for his many years of work.

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Hurtigruten at war

As many as 17 Hurtigruten ships went down during World War 2. Between 1941 and 1944, small boats hired by the shipping companies operated in replacement routes between Tromsø and Kirkenes. Read more about Hurtigruta’s war sailors here.

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The herring girl’s strike at Melbu harbour

The herring girls of Melbu harbour went on spontanious strike in 1915

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The Norwegian Coastal Administration Museum on a study trip to Bretagne

On 16 April, the Norwegian Coastal Administration Museum went on a week-long study trip to Brittany in France. This is an area with a high density of lighthouses. The aim of the trip was to learn more about the French cultural heritage management of the lighthouses and how the lighthouse history is conveyed there.

Hurtigruten in the war

During World War II, the Hurtigruten route became a war zone where many Vesterålings were also affected. At the same time, the population along the coast was even more dependent than before on Hurtigruten for freight and necessary travel. As many as fourteen Hurtigruten ships were sunk in the period 1940-45, in addition to three “replacement express routes.

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Allocation to technical and industrial heritage sites

The County Council has allocated NOK 2 750 000 to technical and industrial cultural monuments and sites in Nordland. The grant goes to Neptun Herring Oil Factory and Fagerli’s old power station.

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GaiaVesterålen collects history of Vesterålen 

Four out of five workshops for the local population have now been conducted to collect the story of Vesterålen. How will the work continue in the future?

Visit the Hurtigruten Museum during the winter holidays

Welcome to a winter holiday filled with many exciting activities. Bring your family to visit!

Old Fashioned Christmas 2023

Old Fashioned Christmas 2023

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Experience history digitally

Did you know that we have several digital offerings from our museums? Here we have collected some suggestions for digital material that you can delve into.

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Volunteering at the Hurtigruten Museum

We are very lucky to have so many great volunteers helping us at the Hurtigruten Museum! Meet Eivind, our newest volunteer

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Welcome to a new exhibition in Kabelvåg

The exhibition offers glimpses of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s history and offers unique photographs, digital lighthouse visits, as well as exploration and experiences for both young and old.

25 years docked on land: Celebration of the history of M/S Finnmarken

Bring your friends and family

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Anniversary exhibition: From Norwegian Port Authority to Norwegian Coastal Administration

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Norwegian Port Authority in Kabelvåg. At the same time, it is 50 years since the port authority, the lighthouse service and the pilot service were merged into the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Anniversary exhibition: From the Norwegian Port Authority to the Norwegian Coastal Administration

Welcome to the anniversary exhibition in Kabelvåg.

Operations manager for the museums in Hadsel

Are you our new operator for the museums in Hadsel? We have a very exciting and varied position for you!

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Lecture on the tugboat Styrbjørn

On Thursday 25 April, a historic lecture was held on the tugboat SS Styrbjørn in Narvik, and a hall was packed in Sjømannskirka.

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The Museum of the year is …

Every year, the Norwegian Museum Association awards the “Museum of the Year” award. In 2024, the Hurtigruten Museum is one of 3 nominated museums.

The baking season has started

What’s better than a handmade cinnamon roll baked in a 150-year-old wood-fired oven?

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Neptun is burning!

In the midst of the post-World War II settlement, disaster hits Neptun herring oil factory

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Hurtigruten Museum Nominated for Museum of the Year!

The Hurtigruten Museum has been nominated for the Honorary Museum of the Year 2024 award.

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Creative week at the Hurtigruten Museum

Almost 700 children visited the Hurtigruten Museum during Creative Week in February!

MS Finnmarken’s fabric sample book

Read about the secret behind the restoration work and replenishment work that has taken place on board the Hurtigruten ship MS Finnmarken.

Uniform telegraph operator

Black uniform jacket and trousers for telegraph operator. The uniform is part of the collection of the Hurtigruten Museum.

The company’s photo album

A little treasure from VDS’s humble beginnings. The album contains portraits of employees of the shipping company.

SS Finmarken’s two ship’s bells

Why did the SS Finmarken keep two ship’s bells? The bells are used to mark arrivals and departures, and can be used in emergency situations.

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Great attendance and enthusiasm

What exactly is SKREI? The open information meeting held at the end of November gave the audience many answers.

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Pilot Holte

The pilot has always been of great importance for the voyages along the coast. Anders Holte was one of the pioneers

Sailor’s cap

The simple, but beautiful sailor’s cap made from wadmol. Used by a sailor from 1977 to 1981 as a sailor on board MS Ragnvald Jarl .

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The silverware on board

Jugs from Germany, Austria and England. Coastal express passengers have always been able to enjoy being served in beautiful silverware

The coal shovel from SS Vesteraalen

The coal shovel used to be an important tool for driving the old coastal express ships forward. This coal shovel is from SS Vesteraalen.

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Cetus the sea monster, Mira and BDS

Mira, the wonderful one. Bergenske Dampskibsselskab choose names among the stars

The ashtray from the steamship Finmarken

The ashtray from the steamship Finmarken. The ashtray belonged to Captain Sven Hertzberg, who served as captain on several of VDS’s ships.

Summer job at the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum in Å

Summer season job at the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum at Å

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The Hurtigruten Museum has been honored with an award!

The Hurtigruten Museum has been honored as one of the 20 best maritime museums in Europe!

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Summer museums 2021

Museum summer! From Andenes to Å and inwards towards Narvik you will find us and the good stories. Welcome!

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Hurtigruten Museum honored with international award

The Hurtigruten Museum is honored with the International Steel Design Awards.

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Open Hurtigruten Museum

Remember to sign up for a tour of the Hurtigruten Museum on 27 August!


Culture Minister Abid Raja makes the official opening of the new Hurtigruten Museum at Stokmarknes. The opening takes place on Saturday 28 August at 14.00.

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Hurtigruten Museum opens 28 August

Culture Minister Abid Raja is making the official opening of the new Hurtigruten Museum at Stokmarknes. The opening takes place on Saturday 28 August at 14.00.

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Rainy weather = Museum weather

Take the opportunity to explore our museums.

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Summer guests at Andøy museum

Hot days at Andenes and this years first museum visitors.

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The new Hurtigruten Museum

The new Hurtigruten Museum is our most relevant project. The museum opened on 28 August 2021.

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SKREI will be a centre for knowledge and experiences related to the Lofoten fishery and Norway’s most important fish. SKREI extends beyond the confines of a traditional museum.

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Visit our online exhibition about the past, the present and the future of the Atlantic Cod.

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Summertime at Storvågan

Join seal and otter feeding and much more at Lofotakvariet this summer.

The Bakery at Å

The world’s best cinnamon rolls and baked goods?

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The last classic Hurtigruten ship

MS Finnmarken – the last classic hurtigruten ship

Sørvågen Radio

The first wireless Morse signals in Northern Europe were sent from Sørvågen. Theme is the technical, social and cultural development that followed the establishment of
the telegraph in Lofoten.

Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

One of Norway’s best preserved and complete fishing villages. Visit various buildings; including boathouse, cod liver oil factory, husmansstua. Main theme: life in the fishing village 1840–1960 and the development of the Lofoten fishery over the past 250 years. Shop and summer café.

Gammelbutikken – Gifts & useful things

A new sweater, a practical southwest or a bag of tea from Lofoten? In Gammelbutikken (open all year) and suvenirbutikken (summer open) by the parking lot, the selection is large and exciting for most people.

Lofoten Aquarium

An encounter with life in the Lofoten Sea. Cod, halibut, crabs, saithe and haddock – these and many more you will meet in the aquarium. Feeding seals and otters at fixed times. Café.

Lofoten Museum

Get to know the history of the Lofoten fisheries at one of the best-preserved manor houses in the region, with authentic fishermans cabins, traditional wooden boats and a historic garden.

Øksnes Museum

Visit Øksnes Museum, take a tour through the beautiful farmhouse Alsvåggården and enjoy a coffee in historic surroundings.

Andøy Museum

Climb the stairs of the tall cast iron tower of Andenes lighthouse. Exhibition on the harbor development. Also exhibition: Life of a Polar hunter.

Hurtigruten Museum

A monument to Norway’s Transport history: Visit the bridge, engine room and cabins on the Finnmarken express route (1956) in its iconic barley. Feel the atmosphere in the lounges from the steamship Finmarken (1912). Activities for children and families. Hurtigruta’s importance is told in modern exhibitions. Food and drinks are served in the dining room anno 1956. Welcome aboard!

Narvik Museum

The spectacular Ofotbanen railway and iron ore trains, Narvik city’s development and industry in addition to travelling exhibits.

Ekspedert podcast

Deep dive into the history of the Narvik region in our podcast Ekspedert.

Narvik Municipal Photo Collection

Narvik Museum manages the Narvik municipal photo collection consisting of around 215,000 photographs. Part of the collection is presented on

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Daily program at Lofoten aquarium this summer

The Lofoten Aquarium has a lot of exciting things to offer this summer. Plan your visit with the daily program at Lofoten Aquarium.

Korsnes museum

The venue at Korsnes is an old communication center located in an idyllic area.

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A tour in the museum with Anne-Audioguide

A tour in the museum with Anne-Audioguide

Christmas workshop and super sales on annual passes

At the Hurtigruten Museum we start christmas celebrations on November 26th! 

Family Day at the Hurtigruten Museum

Storytelling time, music and activities for children. Family tickets.

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Cultural Heritage Days 2022

Bring your family and spend the Cultural Heritage Days 2022 at our museums. Here you will find an overview of events and programs.

Hurtigruten Museum 1 year

We invite you to a family day in connection with the 1-year celebration of the Hurtigruten Museum. There will be activities for children, discounted tickets for families, coffee and cake.

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Andenes Lighthouse

Andenes lighthouse was completed in 1859 and is one of Norway’s tallest lighthouses. If you visit the lighthouse, it is possible to go all the way up to the top to see the amazing views.

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Project Manager for SKREI

Museum Nord is pleased to announce that Jens-Henrik Andersen will be project manager for SKREI – a historical focus on the story of the cod.

100th anniversary of Risøyrenna

Welcome to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of risøyrenna in Risøyhamn on 25 June.

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Risøyrenna 100 years

Risøyrenna is 100 years old this year. Here is the programme for the anniversary celebrations at Stokmarknes on 25 June. Welcome aboard!

Risøyrenna 100 years

Risøyrenna is 100 years old this year. Here is the programme for the anniversary celebrations at Stokmarknes on 25 June.

Ship model of DS Lofoten

Ship model 1:16 in glass display case of the Hurtigruten ship DS Lofoten.

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Activities for children

Our museums have various offers and activities for children and families with children this summer. Here are some tips for you who are with the family on vacation.


Head to Sommer-Melbu 1st to 10th July and take part in activities, lectures and cultural events.

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Oil fence turns 50

Norwegian oil spill protection celebrates 50 years. The Museum of the Norwegian Costal Administration marks this with sailing along the Norwegian coast this summer. On 21 June the boat Gamle Oksøy visits Sortland.

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1000 stories

Immerse yourself in stories small and large from our museums, ranging from boat graves from the Viking Age to the construction of the Ofotbanen railway, and potato setting.

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Living on the Edge pre-project

The pre-project Living on the Edge is coming to an end. If you are a cultural institution or institute of marine research and are interested in a full project – feel free to contact us!

Vágar, middle age town and an urban fishing village in Lofoten

Manuscript for Nordland County Encyclopedia and Håløygminne April 2022 by Reidar Bertelsen.

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Living on the edge project

Living on the Edge will look at ecological shifts in the North Atlantic over time. The pre-project is funded by the NPA.

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Visitor record and Arctic Kids in Narvik

Narvik Museum achieved a visitor record for the month of February. Join arctic kids train party on Thursday and Friday!

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Cultural Programme 2022

A new year is underway and we have planned a lot of exciting things for 2022. Explore our cultural programme and see if you can find something for you.

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Start-up meeting SKREI

In the autumn of 2021 SKREI received funding in the national budget and public funding was in place. On Friday 21 January, the first official working meeting was held in Kabelvåg.

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Depth gauge from M/S Skogøy

This is a depth gauge that was on board M/S Skogøy which ran on a route between Narvik and Svolvær. It is part of Narvik Museums collection.