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Ticket to Kjøpsvik Museum

Ticket to Kjøpsvik Museum

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Ticket Ballangen Museum

Admission for Ballangen Museum

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Open day at Ballangen Museum

On Saturday 2 September, there was an open day at Ballangen Museum on the occasion of Cultural Heritage Days 2023. Ballangen Historielag provided coffee and delicious cakes and there was a display of spinning yarn on stingrays.

Night at the Museum

Do you dare to come to “Night at the Museum” at Ballangen Museum?

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Have you planted the potato?

At Innlandet it was quite common to put a potato variety called Fangen, named after Stener August Fangen. Is the potato variety still present?

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1000 stories

Immerse yourself in stories small and large from our museums, ranging from boat graves from the Viking Age to the construction of the Ofotbanen railway, and potato setting.

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The Quartz at Keiploftet

Perhaps one of the most complete of abandoned mining facilities in Ofoten is the quartz quarry at Keiploftet.

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Activities for children

Our museums have various offers and activities for children and families with children this summer. Here are some tips for you who are with the family on vacation.

Meeting about EvoCave in Kjøpsvik

Get to know the caves in Tysfjord and talk to the researchers in the Project EvoCave who are carrying out the excavation. On 13 September there will be a public meeting at Kjøpsvik Library and Cultural Centre.

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Public meeting in Narvik about museum development

Wednesday 16. November there is an open public meeting in Narvik about museum development in Ofoten.

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Experience history digitally

Did you know that we have several digital offerings from our museums? Here we have collected some suggestions for digital material that you can delve into.

Open day at Ballangen Museum

Come and learn about the diverse mining history of the region. Free entry and activities for children.

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GaiaVesterålen collects history of Vesterålen 

Four out of five workshops for the local population have now been conducted to collect the story of Vesterålen. How will the work continue in the future?

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School visit weeks at Ballangen museum

School visit weeks at Ballangen Museum. Together with students from 7th grade in Narvik municipality, we explore the region’s unique geology and mining history.

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Summer in Ofoten

Summer in Ofoten: Your holiday is well underway, and if you drive the E6 through Ofoten you have the opportunity to visit several of our museums in the region!

Arctic Kids Mining Camp

Join Arctic Kids and visit Ballangen Museums mining camp 13 and 14 July at 12-14.

Halloween party at Ballangen Museum

🎃 Join us for an exciting and slightly spooky experience at Ballangen Museum! Our fun treasure hunt for kids in grades 1 to 4 (and any kid a little younger or older) takes you hunting for hidden skulls and pumpkins in the museum’s exhibits. Dress up as your favourite character and explore with us! The event runs from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Bring your own sweets and experience the spooky atmosphere. Price: NOK 50 per child, parents/guardians free. Address: Ballangen Museum, Syllaveien 36, 8540 Ballangen. Welcome to a fun Halloween adventure! 🎃

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Polar night magic: student day in Narvik

Polar night magic: student day in Narvik: Friday 10 November, Narvik Museum participated as a co-organizer in the event Polar Night Magic organized by UiT in Narvik.

Mine Camp at Ballangen Museum

Explore how a mine worked, join mineral exploration and play outdoors. Guided tour inside the museum. NOK 100 per family. Mine Camp at Ballangen Museum

Museum Nord 20th Anniversary: Garden party in Kjøpsvik

In connection with Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary, we invite you to Garden Party at Kjøpsvik Museum.

Open day at Ballangen Museum

In connection with Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary, and the Cultural Heritage Days, we invite you to 
Open day at Ballangen Museum.

Program coming

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Pyrite from Ballangen

Aktieselskapet Bjørkaasen Gruber was established on 21 January 1913 and operated on pyrite from 1917 to 1964. It was Ballangen’s cornerstone company for more than 50 years with around 500 employees at its peak.

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The ironworks in Bogen

The ironworks in Bogen – In Bogen in Ofoten, you can still find many visible traces of the extensive mining operations. The ironworks was operated by various owners in the period from 1905 to 1939.

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Kindergarten visit to Ballangen

On Tuesday 27 February, Ballangen Museum was visited by an energetic group of kindergarten children from a local kindergarten in Ballangen.

Historical lecture on the tugboat D/S Styrbjørn

Join us on a historic journey with Narvik’s old struggles and pride, the tugboat D/S Styrbjørn!

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Summer 2024 at our museums

Our museums are ready to welcome you and your family and friends to pleasant summer days in Ofoten, Lofoten and Vesterålen! Here we have gathered useful information that is nice to have with you on the trip.

“Threads from the past” – Lecture with Åsa Elstad

“Threads from the past” – Lecture with Åsa Elstad: Join us and hear about textile history and tradition from our region!

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Mining camp in Ballangen

Mining camp at Ballangen Museum: Young and old got to look at minerals, try metal detectors and walk a rebus trail with a geology theme!

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Geobiking – In The Miner’s Footsteps

History + e-bike = true! On 5 July, our popular e-bike tours start from Ballangen Museum.

Carbide lantern

Carbide lantern with hook. It is a part of Ballangen Museums collection of historical objects.

Mining hammer

A mining hammer was a widely used tool in mining industry to chop rocks from the mountain.

Casting model

The casting model is a part of Ballangen Museum collection of historical objects from the vast mining history.

Alarm horn

Sums/alarm used at silo in Bjøkaasen Gruber A/S.

Power station

One of the larger objects at Ballangen Museum is part of the control panel from the Bjørkåsen power station.

Treasures in the mountains

Walk in the footsteps of the mining workers and history, and learn about the unique geology in the Narvik region.

Kjøpsvik Museum

The museum in Kjøpsvik cover mining and industrial history, cave finds, fish farming and household culture, war history and the school system.

Narvik Municipal Photo Collection

Narvik Museum manages the Narvik municipal photo collection consisting of around 215,000 photographs. Part of the collection is presented on

Ekspedert podcast

Deep dive into the history of the Narvik region in our podcast Ekspedert.

Narvik Museum

The spectacular Ofotbanen railway and iron ore trains, Narvik city’s development and industry in addition to travelling exhibits.

Geobiking – Ebike tour in the footsteps of miners

Dive deep in the diverse history of nature and mining in Ballangen.

Gammelbutikken – Gifts & useful things

A new sweater, a practical southwest or a bag of tea from Lofoten? In Gammelbutikken (open all year) and suvenirbutikken (summer open) by the parking lot, the selection is large and exciting for most people.

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Summer museums 2021

Museum summer! From Andenes to Å and inwards towards Narvik you will find us and the good stories. Welcome!

Ballangen Museum

The rich geology- and mining history of the area, and the community that built it.

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Rainy weather = Museum weather

Take the opportunity to explore our museums.

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Cultural heritage days in Ballangen

Welcome to the open museum in Ballangen on Saturday 11 September from 11-15 September.

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A/S Bjørkaasen gruber

Ballangen’s cornerstone company for more than 50 years – get to know Bjørkaasen Gruber.

Open museum

In connection with our neighbour Bamek’s 35th birthday, we open Ballangen Museum from 11-15. There is free entrance and stories for children at 1330. Welcome! Ps: Here there are opportunities […]


Take a deep dive into Narvik’s history.

For children and youths from the museums in Ofoten

Here you will find information about what offers the museums in Ofoten have for children and young people: museum visits, geo trips, podcasts, the cultural school bag.

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Copper mines in Melkedalen

The story of the Melkedalen Copper Mines Ltd or copper mines in Melkedalen begins at the end of the 19th century.

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Sinklia in Ballangen

Many have probably walked past Sinklia in Håfjellet on a nice winter or summer day. Here you will find out more about the history of the mine.

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LKAB’s digging bar

Digging bars and sledgehammers were important tools at the post-war high-tech iron ore handling facilities at LKAB.

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Cultural Programme 2022

A new year is underway and we have planned a lot of exciting things for 2022. Explore our cultural programme and see if you can find something for you.

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The feldspar at Hundholmen

Did you know that the marina at Hundholmen outside Kjøpsvik used to be a mine?

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Hundholmen Granite Quarry

At the end of the 19th century, there was extensive test operation on granite at Hundholmen outside Kjøpsvik. The granite was to be used as a building stone for the ore port in Narvik.

The EvoCave

EvoCave is a research project exploring the caves in Kjøpsvik, to find out what the cave systems hide from past life and history.