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Group ticket Narvik Museum 2024

Group ticket for 10 or more people

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This is where Northern Norway’s first workers’ struggle was fought

In 1888, 800 workers on the Ofotbanen went on strike. Northern Norway’s first workers’ struggle. After six days, all requirements were met, but the following year they were completely out of work. The company was bankrupt.

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War History Bike Tour

War History Bike Tour: Narvik Museum invites you on an electric bike ride through the city’s history; The Ofoten Railway, the war years and the city’s industry and development.

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Electrification of the Ofotbanen railway

Electrification of the Ofoten Line – In 1923, the Ofoten Line switched from steam locomotives to electrically powered locomotives.

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Exhibition opening: “Electrification of the Ofotbanen railway”

On 22 June, Narvik Museum opened the new permanent exhibition “Electrification of the Ofotbanen”

Exhibition opening: The electrification of the Ofotbanen

Narvik Museum invites you to the official opening of a new part of our permanent exhibition.

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Lunch lecture at Narvik museum

Tuesday 16. In May, Trond Blomlie held a great lunch lecture for an engaged audience at Narvik Museum

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GaiaVesterålen collects history of Vesterålen 

Four out of five workshops for the local population have now been conducted to collect the story of Vesterålen. How will the work continue in the future?

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Good visitor numbers in Narvik in February

Narvik Museum experiences increased visitor numbers for February compared to the last two normal years

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Meeting with the National Network for Museum Railways

Narvik Museum participated last week in a meeting with the national network for museum railways at the Norwegian Railway Museum in Hamar.

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Visit the museums during the winter holidays

The museums are ready to give you and your family a pleasant experience during the winter holidays.

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100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen railway

July 10, 2023 is the 100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen! The anniversary will be celebrated with an event at Katterat station on 8 September

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Ofotbanen railway across

The Ofotbanen railway was arranged for the first time on Wednesday 18 January at Katterat Station, in collaboration with Arctic Train.

Winter party at the museum

Winter party at the museum, with an art exhibition with this years VU-artist Bjørg-Elise Tuppen, and a café every day!

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Experience history digitally

Did you know that we have several digital offerings from our museums? Here we have collected some suggestions for digital material that you can delve into.

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Public meeting in Narvik about museum development

Wednesday 16. November there is an open public meeting in Narvik about museum development in Ofoten.

Gingerbread town at Narvik Museum

Gingerbread town at Narvik Museum We invite families with children, schools and kindergartens to contribute to our gingerbread town at Narvik Museum. It is open to submit contributions during November. […]

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Cultural Heritage Days 2022

Bring your family and spend the Cultural Heritage Days 2022 at our museums. Here you will find an overview of events and programs.

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What happens this weekend?

There are several events and exhibitions waiting to visit this weekend!

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Experience art and technology exhibition at Narvik Museum 4 to 11 June

Winter Festival Week at Narvik Museum

The Winter Festival Week at Narvik Museum is tradition, as is the fact that we host this year’s VU artist.

“Threads from the past” – Lecture with Åsa Elstad

“Threads from the past” – Lecture with Åsa Elstad: Join us and hear about textile history and tradition in our region!

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Summer 2024 at our museums

Our museums are ready to welcome you and your family and friends to pleasant summer days in Ofoten, Lofoten and Vesterålen! Here we have gathered useful information that is nice to have with you on the trip.

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Train party in Narvik

On Wednesday 28 February we were invited to Togfest at Narvik Museum. Over 70 young and old visited the museum during the day!

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Mercury vapor rectifier

Mercury vapor rectifier in 220V 3-phase semi-bridge coupling that provided 60A direct current from shunter locomotive Ska 205 on the Ofotbanen.

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Pyrite from Ballangen

Aktieselskapet Bjørkaasen Gruber was established on 21 January 1913 and operated on pyrite from 1917 to 1964. It was Ballangen’s cornerstone company for more than 50 years with around 500 employees at its peak.

Autumn holiday at Narvik Museum

Welcome to autumn holiday 2024 at Narvik Museum. The museum will be open all week for 10AM-5PM, with activities for families.

Museum Nord 20th Anniversary: Garden party at Narvik Museum

In connection with Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary and the Cultural Heritage Days, we invite you to Garden Party 2024 at Narvik Museum. Program coming

International Museum Day at Narvik Museum

In connection with the International Museum Day 2024, we invite you to the opening of a new staircase exhibition.
Exhibition opening at 11AM

VU-Market at Narvik Museum

Welcome to VU-Martnad at Narvik Museum. First weekend of Vinterfestuka (9 and 10 March, 11 AM-3 PM)

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Summer in Ofoten

Summer in Ofoten: Your holiday is well underway, and if you drive the E6 through Ofoten you have the opportunity to visit several of our museums in the region!

Winter holiday at Narvik Museum

Winter holiday at Narvik Museum. We offer family activities. Explore our exhibition and tunnel. Children NOK 50,- family NOK 250,-

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The story of Hundalen by the Ofotbanen railway – the place that was strategically located for the upcoming construction road from Rombaksbotn

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Polar night magic: student day in Narvik

Polar night magic: student day in Narvik: Friday 10 November, Narvik Museum participated as a co-organizer in the event Polar Night Magic organized by UiT in Narvik.

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Autumn holiday 2023 at the museums

Are you looking for fun activities for families during the autumn holidays? Look here!

Autumn Break at Narvik Museum

Autumn has arrived with its cool breeze, and Narvik Museum welcomes it with open arms. It’s time for Autumn Break at Narvik Museum, a week filled with exciting activities that […]

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Anniversary Celebration at Katterat station

Friday 8. September marked the 100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen with a great event up at Katterat Station. The organizers were Bane NOR, LKAB, Narvik Museum and Arctic Train.

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100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen railway

100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen – The anniversary will be marked with an event up at Katterat station. The anniversary celebration starts with a great train ride from Narvik station to Katterat.

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1000 stories

Immerse yourself in stories small and large from our museums, ranging from boat graves from the Viking Age to the construction of the Ofotbanen railway, and potato setting.

Christmas market at Narvik Museum

Welcome to the Christmas market with sales exhibitors at Narvik Museum on Saturday 4 December at 11-18. More info is coming.

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Water Tower at Rombak

When the Ofotbanen railway was built, water towers were needed to provide water for the locomotives in winter. Water towers were built at Straumsnes, Rombak and Katterat.

17 May 1904

The children’s parade in Narvik on 17 May 1904 passes Narvikgården led by the boys’ corps tambur.

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Ski train

The ski train had its heyday in the 1930s, 50s, 60s and 1970s with fully loaded trains up to and down from Bjørnfjell from Narvik station.

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See the relocation of El. 12

In the autumn, the El. 12 locomotive set was moved to a permanent location outside Narvik Museum. Now you can see the whole operation here.

For children and youths from the museums in Ofoten

Here you will find information about what offers the museums in Ofoten have for children and young people: museum visits, geo trips, podcasts, the cultural school bag.

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Joyful Christmas market in Narvik

On Saturday 4 December, a Christmas market was held at Narvik Museum.

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Train ride through Narvik

Narvik Museum’s electric locomotive is moving to permanent location.


Take a deep dive into Narvik’s history.

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exhibitors for Christmas market

Do you make art, wool products, ceramics, food and more, and want to exhibit at Narvik Museum on 4 December?

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LKAB’s digging bar

Digging bars and sledgehammers were important tools at the post-war high-tech iron ore handling facilities at LKAB.

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The Norddalsbrua

Ofotbanen’s most spectacular cultural heritage site.

City Biking

Join an e-bike tour in Narvik! Learn about the history of the industrial city from a bicycle seat.

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Rainy weather = Museum weather

Take the opportunity to explore our museums.

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El. 12 project

El. 12 – an iron horse from the Ofotbanen.

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Summer museums 2021

Museum summer! From Andenes to Å and inwards towards Narvik you will find us and the good stories. Welcome!

Gammelbutikken – Gifts & useful things

A new sweater, a practical southwest or a bag of tea from Lofoten? In Gammelbutikken (open all year) and suvenirbutikken (summer open) by the parking lot, the selection is large and exciting for most people.

Narvik Museum

The spectacular Ofotbanen railway and iron ore trains, Narvik city’s development and industry in addition to travelling exhibits.

Ekspedert podcast

Deep dive into the history of the Narvik region in our podcast Ekspedert.

Iron ore Locomotive El. 12

Did you know that Narvik Museum has its own electric iron ore locomotive? Learn more about the iron horse El. 12 and our plans.

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House on the rock

Before it became a museum, the venerable brick building was used for something completely different. Narvik Museum’s magnificent building has a unique story to tell.

Christmas market at Narvik Museum

On December 3rd, the Christmas market at Narvik Museum will take place.
At the annual Christmas market at Narvik Museum you will find exciting sales exhibitors. You can find many of the Christmas gifts here. Maybe Santa will come?

Narvik 1900’s virtual expo

An exciting and innovative exhibition with a combination of traditional paintings, abstract paintings and digital art (Virtual reality).

International Museum Day at Narvik Museum

Celebrate International Museum Day on May 16th with Narvik Museum with half price on all entrance tickets and extended opening hours.

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Market research on Narvik Museum

Do you have a few minutes to respond to a market research survey about Narvik Museum?

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Well blown Winter Party at the Museum

After two years of cancellations, Winter Festival Week in Narvik was finally held. 160 schoolchildren were given a tour of the museum, and VU artist Lotta Lampa was one of several drawcards!

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The Ofotbanen Railway

The 43 kilometre long railway line from Narvik to riksgrensen is a continuous series of cultural-historical treats interspersed with beautiful scenery and dizzying views.

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Visitor record and Arctic Kids in Narvik

Narvik Museum achieved a visitor record for the month of February. Join arctic kids train party on Thursday and Friday!

Winter festival at the museum

Welcome to 10 days of exciting stories, nostalgia and rallars, and a great atmosphere! Narvik Museum invites you to a winter party at the museum from 18-27 March.

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Opening of the Ofotbanen railway

On 15 November 1902, the Norwegian Ofotbanen railway was connected to the Swedish Malmbanan on the National Border. The following summer there was a tablecloth for a feast dinner and a royal visit.

Narvik Municipal Photo Collection

Narvik Museum manages the Narvik municipal photo collection consisting of around 215,000 photographs. Part of the collection is presented on

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Cultural Programme 2022

A new year is underway and we have planned a lot of exciting things for 2022. Explore our cultural programme and see if you can find something for you.

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Train party for families

Visit the museum’s large iron ore locomotive and participate in activities in the garden. The family event is part of Arctic Kids.

Train party

The family event at Narvik Museum is part of Arctic Kids. Visit our large ore locomotive and participate in activities in the garden.

Train party

The family event at Narvik Museum is part of Arctic Kids. Visit our large ore locomotive and participate in activities in the garden.

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Life in Rombaksbotn

The community in Rombaksbotn was established when the second attempt to build the Ofotbanen railway started.

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The locomotive Ofoten

The locomotive “Ofoten” was the first on the Ofotbanen line and belonged to The Swedish and Norwegian Railway Company Ltd.

Perssons Café

There were a lot of colourful personalities on the track. Most are forgotten, but some live on in history. Like “Persson by the Bridge.”

Ole W. Lund

Ole W. Lund sits at the railway line at the intersection of Djupvik, where the railway stop ended about 8 km from Narvik.