Theme: Viking Age

Lofotr Viking Museum

Meet the Vikings. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history. The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years. Welcome to the Viking age.

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Summer job at lofotr viking museum 2022

Lofotr Viking Museum seeks new employees for summer season 2022

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Living on the edge project

Living on the Edge will look at ecological shifts in the North Atlantic over time. The pre-project is funded by the NPA.

Production of Viking clothing at Lofotr Viking Museum

Learn to make Viking clothes for cloth doll Åsa. Saturday 24. September. The museum is open from 11:00 to 16:00. Welcome.

Swords & Shields

We make swords and shields and learn about fighting techniques

Make a necklace

Reproduction of collars with iron wire and beads from a Norwegian find from the 900s

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Summer museums 2021

Museum summer! From Andenes to Å and inwards towards Narvik you will find us and the good stories. Welcome!

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Cultural Programme 2022

A new year is underway and we have planned a lot of exciting things for 2022. Explore our cultural programme and see if you can find something for you.

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Living on the Edge pre-project

The pre-project Living on the Edge is coming to an end. If you are a cultural institution or institute of marine research and are interested in a full project – feel free to contact us!

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Exhibition opening and several talks

This week there will be an exhibition opening and several lectures. A highlight is the opening of the exhibition Bæsj – Portalen til fortiden at Bø Museum.

Yggdrasil theme

Imagine Yggdrasil’s nine worlds of paint and collages

Nicknames in runic script

We create Viking nicknames in runic script, join and find your nickname

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Visit our online exhibition about the past, the present and the future of the Atlantic Cod.

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Winter holidays for children and Vikings 2022

The Vikings really like to get visits from children! During the winter holidays (week9), we have extra activities for the children to take part in. 

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Activities for children

Our museums have various offers and activities for children and families with children this summer. Here are some tips.

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Autumn holiday at the museums

Visit our museums during the autumn holidays! There are several autumn holiday activities at the museums this week – both for young and old.

Learn to beat drums

Join us and beat the drum in a Viking concert

Runic tuning

Be predicted by a sorceress and learn about the secrets of the runes

Archaeological Exhibition

Discover the excavation of the longhouse, an evocative film about people and events during the Viking Age, and a collection of unique archaeological finds from Borg and the surrounding areas.

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Rainy weather = Museum weather

Take the opportunity to explore our museums.

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Fishing and sea capture in the viking age

Dissemination text on fishing and sea hunting in the Viking Age.

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Very good on the trade test

Madelen Berg Hansen achieved very good on the trade test, after completing her apprenticeship at the Lofotr Viking Museum.

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Copy of the tapestry fragments from the Oseberg ship grave

Read more about the tapestry fragments from Oseberg ship grave

Stick bread

Make bread Viking-wise!


Create your own hnefatafl board game

Viking Style Meals

Take part in a Viking style dinner, lunch or enjoy a nice meal from the museum eateries and cafes.

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leather ball throwing in buckets

On Saturday 11 September there will be leather ball throwing in buckets at the Lofotr Viking Museum. Welcome!

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Easter with Vikings 2022

The Vikings look forward to visits from families and children during the Easter holidays

Basic exhibitions – popular science presentation

Basic exhibitions – in a squeeze between the authorities’ museum policy guidelines, different user groups and the growth of research.

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Different interpretation proposals on The Chieftain’s Reconstruction

During the planning of the Lofotr Viking Museum, two options for reconstruction of the Chieftain House were explored.

Embossing in leather

Create a stylish leather bookmark, bracelet or medallion

Fafnir dragon

Make a dragon with paper

Ancient Animals In The Wild

Discover ancient animal species in their natural habitat. Wild boar, wild sheep, Nordland type horses and Nordland type cows enjoying life around the Chieftain’s House.

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Autumn holidays 2021

During autumn holidays week (40) there are extra activities for young and old at the Lofotr Viking Museum. We’re looking forward to it.

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Boat grave at Lofotr Viking museum

Dissemination text about boat grave at Lofotr Viking Museum in the Viking Age.

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PhD project: Basic exhibitions

PhD project: Basic exhibitions – in a squeeze between the authorities’ museum policy guidelines, different user groups and the growth of research.

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The chieftain’s house at borg

Read more about the different rooms in the chieftain’s house. The house construction is the result of thorough research on Viking Age houses.

Basket weaving

Basket weaving with birch roots

Weaving with grind weave

Weave a bracelet or a bookmark on grind tissue


Encounter the wood carver, textile workers, shoe- and leatherworkers and more, all hard at work recreating the skills and products of the past.

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Gold and precious glassware

Gold and precious glassware are traces of great power, and rich and powerful men and women at Borg.

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Boathouse at Lofotr Viking museum

Dissemination text on boathouses. Boathouse were and remain an important part of the maritime cultural landscape of Lofoten.

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Lofotr Viking Festival 3–7 August 2022

On 3–7 August 2022, the annual Viking Festival is finally held at the Lofotr Viking Museum again. This year’s theme is trade and cultural exchange, and there are Vikings from many countries coming to Borg in Lofoten.

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Experience history digitally

Did you know that we have several digital offerings from our museums? Here we have collected some suggestions for digital material that you can delve into.

Axe Throwing & Face Painting

Get viking-style makeup and throw an axe outside the chieftain’s house

Lofotr Viking Festival 2023

5-day experience with match shows, toys, concerts, market and much more

Gammelbutikken – Gifts & useful things

A new sweater, a practical southwest or a bag of tea from Lofoten? In Gammelbutikken (open all year) and suvenirbutikken (summer open) by the parking lot, the selection is large and exciting for most people.

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Lofotr Viking Festival 2022

We are pleased to announce that there will be a Viking Festival on 3-7 August in 2022.

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The Chieftain’s port – Innerpollen, Lofotr Viking Museum

Dissemination text about the Chieftain’s port – Innerpollen

How did the building practice change at Borg?

An analysis of four selected houses at Borg, Vestvågøy from the Iron Age to the High Middle Ages.

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Visit the museums during the winter holidays

The museums are ready to give you and your family a pleasant experience during the winter holidays.

Leather balls

Come along and throw leather balls, can you hit the bucket farthest away?

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GaiaVesterålen started collecting the story of Vesterålen 

Four out of five workshops for the local population have now been conducted to collect the story of Vesterålen. How will the work continue in the future?