Visit a time machine!

By Sortland Museum, Vesterålen

Hurtigruten – The Coastal Highway, No. 1.

By Hurtigruten Museum

The commercial life of the Vikings

By Lofotr Viking Museum, Borg

Blinking on the rocks

By Lofoten Museum, Storvågan

Vágar – the first city in Northern Norway

By Lofoten Museum, Storvågan

Korsnes Trading Post

By Museum Nord – Divtasvuodna / Tysfjord, Korsnes

A teabox tells its story.

By Ballangen Museum, Ballangen

The Telegraph created a lot of new jobs

By Norwegian Telecomm Museum, Sørvågen

Land/fishing ground owner in Storvågan

By Lofoten Museum, Storvågan

An iron ore mining town

By Museum Nord – Narvik