Hurtigruten – The Coastal Highway, No. 1.


Stokmarknes • Vesterålen

Join us on a journey through history as you explore the different areas you discover on board. Loading, unloading, the coastal postal service, safety and navigation – Hurtigruta had many jobs to do along the coast, and many tasks to do on board. You will learn about occupations that no longer have a place on board a modern boat such as harbour pilots and telegraph operators.

Hurtigruta is a society in miniature. Romance and friendship blossom on board our ships. Children have been born and baptised on our ships, couples have married and coffins are transported to awaiting next of kin.

Hurtigruta was without a doubt an important channel of communication for the small communities and large cities along the coast. More than 100 years have passed since our first voyage. Hurtigruten continues to serve the communities along the coastline. The ships themselves have changed. Some tasks are much different than they were in the past. But the history of Hurtigruten is just as exciting as it was in the past. The Hurtigruten Museum offers a unique view of old and new times in Hurtigruten’s history.

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