The Telegraph created a lot of new jobs.

Norsk Telemuseum, Sørvågen

Sørvågen • Lofoten

Hjørdis told us this story: He lived in a house over there, near the water. I remember Iver quite well; we called him Iver Bud. There was an old woman who cooked and cleaned for him. They had planned to marry when they were younger. She went crazy on the boat trip to the church. She got better, so she continued to attend to his house until he died in 1909. Ole Christian wrote a message to Chief Inspector Lødingen about Iver’s pension saying he was in dire straits and needed help. Iver had done a good job, but it was not easy to get old back then.

The Telegraph created a lot of new jobs: Technical and maintenance workers, messengers, the telegraph girls, and the director’s family with the governesses and live-in teachers. Some came from afar and never left.