Join us in a Viking feast!

Lofotr Viking Museum

Borg • Lofoten

The 83-meter long house is located on top of the hill. This was the home of one of Northern Norway’s most powerful chieftains, and his wife.

The feast hall is beautifully decorated. His seat of honour is located in the center of the room. This room has probably witnessed many important meetings and gatherings. The Vikings knew how to treat important guests!

Image the room full of life, laughter, smoke exiting the openings in the roof and the smell of food. You might hear the wooden beams groan as the wind is forced around the walls?

Join us and travel a thousand years into the past. Enjoy the odour of tar and the fire burning in the hearth. Study Viking craftsmanship and the beautiful interior decorations. Join us in a Viking feast – let the lady of the house offer you delicious flavours from the Viking Age: Tender leg of Lofot lamb, spiced with local herbs. Piping hot soup, cooked over open flame in the feast hall. Steamed fish, broiled wild boar, sweet desserts and other delicacies. Taste the mead of the gods made from honey; honninggule mjød!

We will tell Viking tales at our feast; stories about the Vikings told with vigour and excitement. Role play, song and maybe a dance will deliver you to another era. The lady of the house will provide an excellent meal. The thralls will work hard to provide service, we promise an unforgettable experience! Viking history lives on at Borg!

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