Prestegårdsveien 59
N-8360 Bøstad

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  • During opening hours and half an hour before and after, the camp must be in”Viking condition”. All plastic and other modern objects must be out of sight during this time.
  • All car transport must be finished half an hour prior to opening hours, and not resumed sooner than half an hour after closing hours.(*)
  • Fires must not be lit without permission, and then only in approved places, as we are in a protected area.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off or silenced, and must not be used in public.
  • Smoking must be done discreetly, outside the camp area. (the woods are close)
  • Alcohol must be consumed discreetly, and only from an appropriate vessel (bowl, glass or similar). These must be filled out of sight of the visitors. Intoxicated persons are not tolerated during opening hours and please don’t drink too much throughout the night. Please show consideration for those who have children and want to sleep at night.
  • Illegal substances are obviously not allowed, use/possession will be reported to the police, and the person/persons in question will be expelled. (**)
  • The festival is open to people of all religions and beliefs. Therefore, please refrain from performing religious acts that obviously may offend others. As this may be difficult to judge, we ask for tolerance from all parts.
  • We do not charge market fees. However, as we are a museum and have a reputation to maintain, we reserve the right to control that what is sold or demonstrated has a quality that is compatible with our profile. If you are in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance.
  • During the festival, the market peace is declared. Troublemakers will be expelled without consequence for the museum. Treating and/or Insulting behaviour will not be tolerated, and the person/persons in question will be expelled. (**)
  • The animals must not be fed or disturbed without the permission of the owner.
    Everybody involved share a responsibility to make this a pleasant festival for all!

(*) The road down to the market area is not made for two way traffic, and there are very few places to turn around. All car transport must therefore be cleared with the museum staff in advance, and must be kept to a minimum.

(**) If the person/persons in question do not want to go willingly, security/police will take action.

Dress Code and Appearance

The participants coming to join the festival must be dressed in authentic Viking clothes, please do not wear your modern clothes with your Viking outfit, as this will give the wrong impression to our guests.

Show care with how you style and accessorize yourself when in costume.

  • Don’t wear too much strong makeup
  • strong and unnatural haircolors
  • nail polish
  • cover up modern haircuts
  • if you need glasses, please use lenses if possible/li>
  • visible piercings and modern jewellery must be taken off
  • visible tattoos that are not “viking-ish” must be covered up
  • Be nice and clean in general – Vikings bathed and washed regularly and loved their combs.
  • Do not smoke Chew gum or snuff in front of guests.

In the museum/festival area:
When you are dressed in your Viking attire you might be confused with the museum staff, please answer any questions if you can, tell them in a polite way that you do in fact not work here, but are here as a festival participant and give them directions to where they can find the staff.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the museum area tidy and clean. This includes piking up cigarette-stumps and trash around the camp area. Please notify the staff if the toilets are running low on paper.

Drugs – nicotine – alcohol
Smoking inside the chieftain’s house and the visitor centre is prohibited. Smoking, snuff and use of chewing gum must be done discreetly and out of sight of guests. Please show moderation with alcohol.