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Looking high and low

We are now working on the main exhibition in SKREI’s new central building, called Otolitten. One goal of the exhibition is to convey the history of the Lofoten fishery and cod from a geographical perspective that extends far beyond Lofoten. We search high and low!

The Hurtigruten Museum has been honored with an award!

The Hurtigruten Museum has been honored as one of the 20 best maritime museums in Europe!

Launch of the Yearbook for Narvik 2023

On Monday, Ofoten genealogy and history team launched the Yearbook for Narvik 2023 at Narvik Museum.

GaiaVesterålen: Opinion poll shows great climate scepticism in Vesterålen

54% of people in Western Norway agree that climate change is man-made. This is shown in a new poll conducted by Norfakta under the auspices of GaiaVesterålen with national partners in the RESIST project. Vesterålingene thus differs markedly from the rest of the country, where similar polls show that only 25% of the Norwegian population does not believe in anthropogenic climate change.

Large interest in recycled materials

The demolition on the site of the Otolith is underway. Photo: Museum Nord.

William receives award

William Hakvaag receives an award for his many years of work.

Giellavahkku – Giellavahkko – Sámi language week

From 23 – 29 October, the annual Giellavahkku (Northern Sami) / Giellavahkko (Lule Sami) / Sami Language Week is held.

Staff gathering 2023

Museum Nord’s staff gathering 2023 took place at Stokmarknes from 18 to 19 October.

SKREI has ripple effects

SKREI will have ripple effects. SKREI will provide jobs, turnover in the tourism industry and the surrounding industry. SKREI will create knowledge, give pride and contribute to identity.

Registration session at Kjøpsvik Museum

Last week, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Kjøpsvik Museum in Ofoten.